Must Buy Gifts - Gift ideas for everyone! We feature really cool things that we love from Amazon and feature them in a simple easy to view format. We only feature the best of the best and have easy links to buy or find similiar items.

Snowball Launcher
Introducing the snowball launcher, designed to both make and launch snowballs. Insert snow and the launcher will compress the snow into three tightly packed snowballs and launch them up to 80 feet.

Strong Man Toilet Paper Holder
Upgrade from the conventional one toilet paper roll to the iron man TP holder that can hold two rolls at the same time! Attaches to most toilets and available in black, orange, purple and red.

Face to Face Double Pool Lounger
Unique two person swimming pool lounger chair lets two swimmers face to face to provide comfortable lounging for you and a friend.

iPhone Telephone Docking Station
Instantly turn your iPhone into a professional workstation with the iPhone smart station. Crisp sound quality and charges your iPhone while connected.

Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses
Set of 4 Shot Glasses made from Whiskey Stone that will naturally keep your drink cold for hours without needing to add ice. Perfect for the drinker who appreciates a cold beverage without needing to water it down with ice cubes.

Brain Freeze Ice Cubes
These silicon molds let you make real ice cubes that look just like brains. Molds make up to 4 ice cubes at a time.

Grilled Pizza Cones
Pizza in a cone! Easy to make pizza slices that wrap in a cone, comes with 2 pizza cones, instruction manual and directions.

RC Flying Fuck
For the first time ever, you can actually give a flying fuck! Absolutely hilarious to give as a gift. This RC helicopter hovers in the air for up to 10 minutes per charge announcing to the world your thoughts.

Outdoor Light Up LED Cubes
Virtually indestructible light up LED Cubes with 4 levels of brightness. Comes with remote control and can change up to 20 colors. Made for indoor and outdoor use, it is waterproof and can also be used for lighting in the pool, spa or anywhere the ultimate light experience is desired. Makes a great stool or side table.

Aquarium Coffee Table
Functional aquarium turns your living room into a show place! Silent, beautiful, ever-moving aquatic habitat creates a relaxing easy-going atmosphere for guests.

Magnetic Nail Holder
This durable hand tool houses a powerful magnet to hold virtually any nail, staple, or screw, while keeping thumbs and other appendages at a safe distance.

Inflatable Beer Pong Table
Beer Pong on Air. Air Pong. Play beer pong on this floatable table in the pool, use it in your dorm, on the beach, at a tailgate, or anywhere! Just inflate it, and you're good to go!

Darth Maul Lightsaber Room Light
Mount the double-bladed lightsaber to your wall and rotate it for a horizontal or vertical display. When you're ready, activate its red glowing blades. Over 50" long and fills the whole room with light from the dark side.

LED Temperature Sink
Know the temperature of the water by this LED controlled faucet that changes between red, green and blue. No batteries needed, the water flow powers the LED light and will go out when the water is turned off.

Dual Snowboards
Dual Boards brings a whole new dimension to snowboarding and gives you the freedom to move around the snow in ways not thought possible.

Dexter Coasters
Blood-spattered coasters from the TV show, Dexter. Set of 6 clear glass coasters with big blood spatters, comes in a wooden treasure box engraved with the Dexter logo and is an officially licensed Dexter collectible.

Flip Down Clock
Bringing a new twist to the flip down clock, this clock is operated internally by gears and flips the time.

Transformers USB Flash Stick
Transforms from flash drive to leopard in seconds, features true capacity and reliable storage. This is the USB stick version of Ravage, the decepticon transformer from computer accessory to jungle cat. Comes in 4, 8 and 16 GB versions.

Dinosaur Hoodie
Raptor Dinosaur comes alive! Shirt features detailed front image gnashes his teeth when you fold and move your arms. Face printed on back. Available in other colors too.

Bombs Away Shot Glasses
The perfect shot glasses for jager bombs, irish car bombs or other shots, this 2 glass set of shot glasses have a bomb shaped interior mold making all your shots look just like bombs. Bombs away!

First Aid Flask
This stainless steel First Aid pocket flask is perfect for when you're feeling under the weather. It holds 7 ounces and the perfect size to put into your pocket or first aid kit.

Pulp Fiction Wallet
Inspired by the wallet from the movie Pulp Fiction, this leather wallet is an exact replica and bad enough for any mofo to carry their cash in.

Glow in the Dark Nails
Glow Stick Press On Nails (Set Of 5) contains mini glow sticks in the plastic finger nails. Uses two sided tape to attach and comes in three colors so you can mix and match.

Upside Down Beer Glass
Shaped like an upside down beer bottle inside a regular glass, the Hopside Down design is great for parties.

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker
Making delicious ice cream sandwiches at home has never been easier with the Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker. Just cut, scoop, cut, and press. Make endless combinations of cookies and ice cream flavors to create that perfect treat.

Skull Shot Glasses Set of 4
Take a shot, if you dare, with these spooky 3D skull shot glasses. Oversized shot glasses hold 1.5-ounces and are made of glass. Set of 4 included.

iPhone Fan
This compact and soft fan connects right into your iPhone for power to blow cool air and keep you from sweating.

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl
Hate soggy cereal? Problem solved! Obol has two sections, an upper area for your cereal, and a lower reservoir for milk. Scoop a spoonful of your cereal into your spoon, then swoop into the milk for the perfect bite every time. Also great for milk and cookies, soup and crackers, and chips and salsa.

Sex Panther Cologne
Offically Licensed Anchorman cologne, Sex Panther is the animalistic scent of a raging beast that's sure to turn you into the sex animal you know you are.

Bacon Bandages
Treat your minor cuts, scrapes and scratches with the incredible healing power of bacon. Bacon Strips are cut to look like small slabs of bacon. Fifteen per tin. Also available in pickles.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper
Don't like turning the light on but need to find the toilet paper? Say hello to our Glow in the Dark Toilet Roll! This novelty toilet roll glows eerily in the dark. Ideal bathroom accessory to freak out your guests or add a touch of spookiness to Halloween.

Facebook Shower Curtain
Now you can still be on Facebook even in the shower with the Facebook shower curtain! Bring your profile to life while you lather up which features a transparent section so you can create a profile picture as you're scrubbing away!

Home Beer Brewing Kit
Includes 2-gallon fermenting keg, two refill brew packs, eight bottles, caps, labels, and step by step instructions to brewing beer at home.

Exhaust Air Jack
No more need to use a car jack to lift your car with a crank, now you can use your own cars exhaust to rapidly fill the air jack to lift your car to easily replace a tire.

Drummers Chopsticks
4 sets of 2 wooden chop sticks. Each chopstick is printed with the words beat it. One end of each chopstick is a regualr chopstick shape while the other end of of the chopstick is in the shape of a drumstick. The drumstick shape allows for immeasurable fun at the table as well as still being quite functional.

Remote Control Flying Shark
Remote control shark that swims through the air with incredibly smooth and life-like swimming motion. complete up, down and 360 degree turning control.

Fire Coloring Kit
Just add a dash of the Rainbow Flame Crystals and your standard fire will produce spectacular blue-green flames in any wood fire, indoors or out. Ideal for fireplaces, campfires and fire pits; one application lasts up to 30 minutes.

Hidden Bookshelf
For an ultra-minimal look, the bookshelf mounts to the wall and becomes invisible behind a stack of books, giving the books the appearance of floating in mid-air. Stacks up to 15-pounds in books.

Glow in the Dark Nail Polish
This new glow in the dark nail polish will ignite your nails with a sexy, sultry glow. This nail polish will leave your nails shiny and healthy looking during the day and come alive at night in your choice of 6 rich colors.

Perfect Cut Cutting Board
Meet the OCD (Obsessive Chopping and Dicing) Cutting board. For the chef who demands every cut is perfect, this cutting board was designed for them!

Taser Knuckles
The Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun 950,000 Volt is designed to give you a punch with plenty of power. Just touch your attacker to instantly repel them, a longer contact period will cause further disorientation and drop them to their knees.

Portal Bookends
These officially licensed Portal Bookends not only feature test subjects going through orange and blue portals, they also really, actually, pretty much keep your books in order!

Closed Aquatic Ecosphere
This enclosed world contains shrimp, algae and micro-organisms. Each EcoSphere is a completely enclosed, self-sustaining little world needing only indirect light. The EcoSphere recycles its nutrients and does not produce excess waste.

DIY Electric Back Shaver
Never need to ask someone for help to shave your back again, the do it yourself back shaver automatically comes with a folding arm to reach those hard to reach places to mangroom. Fully extendable and adjustable handle locks into place at various lengths.

At Home Driving Range
Perfect for the golf enthusiast, you can now have your own personal driving range right at home. Offers automatic ball return and cCan be retrofitted for soccer, baseball, softball, football and lacrosse.

Mustache Pacifier
The Mustache Pacifier will bring the handlebar mustache back in style! This funny pacifier keeps infants quiet, provides laughter for the lucky parents, and comes with a handy storage shell.

Adjustable Measuring Cup
Adjust-A-Cup measures metric or standard for liquids, dry, and semi-solid ingreadients. Easily adjust to the exact amount you need with this adjustable measuring cup.

Universal Remote Pillow
No more need to get up from lying on the couch with your pillow to change the channel, now the pillow is the remote!

Floating Pool Cooler
The perfect accessory for any pool party, a floating cooler capable of holding up to 24 drinks packed with ice. Comes with 5 cupholders and repair kit too.

Wall Outlet Safe
The perfectly disguised wall outlet safe makes for a great place to hide valuables in plain sight. Easily hide cash, rings, credit cards, jewelery or other valuables in these neat mini-safe's.

Rechargeable AA Batteries via USB
AA Rechargeable batteries works just like normal batteries, but simply pop off the lid to recharge by any powered USB Port. Ideal for use with wireless mice, keyboards, games controllers, household products.

Shot Glass Roulette
The Drinking Roulette Set comes with 16 numbered shot glasses, includes 2 metal balls and an actual roulette table in the centre. Simple rules included.

The Melting Clock
With this great Dali clock, time doesn't fly: it melts away. The Melting Clock is the perfect addition to an art lover's home creating a great conversation piece. You can easily place this clock on a mantle or shelf - no mounting required.

Key Shaped Knife
This knife's compact design of just 2 inches makes it the perfect small knife. The key-shaped folding knife attaches easily to any keychain for portability and quick access.

Retro iPhone Cassette Tape Case
Convert your iPhone into a retro cassette tape with this sleek case. Made with grade A silica gel, this case is not only durable and long lasting, but also equips the iPhone 4 with a soft and comfortable surface.

Turn Your Sink into a Water Fountain
Instantly turn your sink into a water fountain by simply squeezing onto this simple device that easily attaches to your faucet. Makes brushing and rinsing a snap of the fingers. Comes in 10 different colors and easy to install.

Flying Lanterns
White flying lanterns can be used for a party or any outdoor event. Simply light the candle, let the lantern fill up with hot air and watch as they fly away. 12" diameter. Comes with 10 lanterns.

Razor Blade Sharpener
Sharpen your old razor blades before throwing them out by using this specially designed tool. Removes shave grime, improves every shave and save a lot of money by re-using disposal razor blades. Cheaper than the cost of one refill pack.

Samurai Sword Chopsticks
Enjoy sushi in style with these mini samurai sword chopsticks. Detailed handles reproduce actual samurai swords, accented with gold ends.

Coffee Foosball Table
This elegant centerpiece is a coffee table and foosball and also quite the conversation piece. Solid hardwoods and a touch of elegance makes this coffee table an excellent addition to any home.

World's Largest Hershey Kiss
Weighing in at 2 pounds, this eye-popping Hershey Kiss Milk Chocolate is sure to make even the most dedicated chocolate aficionado goggle in awe. Concealed inside are a full seven ounces of standard-size Hershey Kisses.

Tetris Color Changing Mugs
This stylish black mug features a game of Tetris at the beginning of play when cold. Fill the mug with your choice of hot beverage and the face of the mug immediately changes to show the game being played out.

USB Outlet
Easily charge your mobile devices with this outlet that comes with 2 USB ports. No need to connect to a computer, just plug into the wall for power!

Bed Side Fan
The bed fan quietly disperses air between your bed sheets thereby circulating air and avoiding your body heat from building up under the covers.

Five Finger Fillet Skillet Set
A radical alternative to the standard steak knife set and a wonderful conversation piece. Comes with 5 knives and knife holding stand.

Hand Ashtray
Perfect for an evening cigar on the back porch or holding pocket change on the bureau, this cast iron hand ashtray makes putting out cigars a fun thing to do.

Measuring Tape Toilet Paper Roll
With the measuring tape toilet paper, you can measure the size of your toilet bombs. Does size matter? There's only one way to find out!

Gentleman Ball Scratcher
Chrome plated, beautifully presented gentleman's ball scratcher. Makes for a perfect executive gift for the discerning gentleman. The ultimate tool for the modern man.

Hamburger in a Hot Dog Molds
Finally please both hot dog and hamburger lovers with the hot dog mold. The Ham Dogger is easy to use, clean and makes quarter pounder hot dog burger patties.

Underwear for Two
Fundies are underwear built for two, finally a way for a couple to share literally everything together. Half the fun is getting in them, the other half is up to you.

iPhone App Magnets
These App Magnets will make your fridge look like a giant iPhone! An ideal way to decorate any metallic surface, these novelty magnets will hold messages, postcards, photos or just look great on their own.

Offensive Business Cards
Stay classy while still speaking your mind with these offensive business cards. Includes 8 templates and 100 cards in total.

Strawberry Stem Remover
Remove strawberry stems with ease with the strawberry stem remover. Simply insert into strawberry, twist and remove the stem. It removes the stem and leaves the strawberry intact!

Aquarium Condos
Built to give your small fish a modern, stylish home, the Umbra FishHotel is a beautiful aquarium that lets you stack others on top of it to maximize space. Stack several FishHotels to create a great-looking fish condominium in your office or home.

Salt and Pepper Battery Set
Replica D-battery set of salt and pepper shakers that even comes with a side strip so you can see how much is left inside

The Ex Kitchen Knives Holder
Not only functional, but also therapeutic, this five-piece knife set plus holder makes for the perfect gift and a guaranteed conversation piece.

Whiskey Stone Ice Cubes
Set of 9 Stones, ideal for chilling your favorite spirit without diluting its flavor. Milled in Vermont by the oldest whiskeystone workshop in the US. Set of 9 stones and muslin storage bag.

Samurai Sword Umbrella
This classic black umbrella looks and works like a regular umbrella and even looks like a Medieval Warrior's sword when you look at the handle! But, this self-defense tool hides a secret weapon. Just unscrew the handle and a 14 1/2" stainless steel blade is unveiled to deter would-be attackers.

Heart Shaped Plasma Lamp
This magic heart emits bolts of red and blue lightning from its core creating a very beautiful and dazzling effect. Bolts of lightning also follows your fingers and reacts to in-room music.

Nubrella Hands Free Umbrella
Go completely hands free when using an umbrella with the Nubrella. Be able to talk on the phone, block the wind and keeps you dry and warmer compared to any umbrella.

Desktop Mini Cannons
The mini cannon to end all mini cannons! These precision machined mini cannons will look great on any mantle or on a desk. The ultimate gift for the person that has everything...a MINI CANNON!

Laser Bike Lane Light
For the biking enthusiast, when riding at night or on roads without a bike lane, this simple light will create a lane around you so motorists can easily stay away.

Knife Cutting Finger Guard
The finger guard is a stainless steel shield that protects fingers while slicing and dicing. The interior of the shield has a welded ring which easily adjusts to fit the chef's middle finger, thus leaving all other fingers to manipulate the food.

One Handed Party Platter
21 Reusable party platters that can easily attach to any standard beer bottle, can or cup makes having drinks and food together a snap.

World's Largest Gummy Bear
5 Pound Gummy Bear, equivalent to 1400 regular sized gummy bears. Available in blue raspberry, cola, cherry, pineapple, grape, lemon, orange or sour apple.

Solar Powered Keyhole Light
Installed above any keyhole on your door, this "touch-on" solar light will stay on for 15 seconds so you can get in safely and quickly.

Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutters
Add a little dead to baking ginger bread men with the Gingerdead men cookie cutter. Double sided cookie cutter, fun and easy to use and perfect for halloween.

Double Sided Water Bottle
Tired of mold building up in the hard to reach corners of your water bottle? The innovative Clean Bottle is a leak-proof, screw-off bottom and top cap, that allows you to clean and dry the bottle thoroughly. The nozzle also comes off, so you can clean out the gunk wherever it hides.

Bullet Ear Bud Headphones
Any gun enthusiasts would love this set of ear phones, designed to look and feel like 9mm bullets and re-inforced by kevlar cables. Includes 6 sets of buds and comes in black, smoke and red.

Touch Screen Gloves
These touch screen gloves contain conductive tips that allow easy texting on keyboards and touch screens so you no longer have to decide between freezing your hands or texting. Works for all touch and multi touch screens.

Corn Kernel Slicer
Easily remove kernels from the cob in a single swift motion, place the corn kerneler at the narrow end of the cob and press straight down to the bottom of the cob. All kernels will collect neatly and there'll be no more kernel mess to clean up.

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mugs
Available in brown or black, this coffee mug provides a great sense of humour to avid coffee drinkers as a novelty or joke gift.

Guitar Cheese Shredder
A shredder for your cheddar, the shredder cheese grater lets you file down that block of cheddar like a real rock and roller would. Stainless steel, dishwasher safe guitar grater.

Stair Case Basket
Whether you're headed upstairs or down, this woven wooden basket will hold your things along the way. Use this slanted stair basket on your second floor or basement stairs to keep every room organized.

BBQ Meatball Grilling Basket
The perfect way to make BBQ meatballs, imagine cooking meatballs on the grill, keeping them in one-piece and cooking them evenly. Easy to flip while cooking, holds 12 meatballs and features nonstick coating.

2L Beer Boot Pitcher
Prominently featured in the movie BeerFest as "Das Boot", the boot game is a unique and impressive challenge. The 2 liter boot has the traditional pointed German toe.

Water Purification Straw
Contains no chemicals, no batteries and no moving parts, the water purification straw will purify any water source as it enters the straw. High flow rate and weighs only 2oz! Perfect for backpacking, camping, hiking and hunting.

Playable Guitar Tshirt
Belt out your favorite rock tunes on this t-shirt based real playable electric guitar, great sound, plays all major chords and comes with a mini amp and speaker that attaches to your belt.

Butt and Face Soap Bars
The original cheek-to-cheek cleansing! For those who worry about when and where your bar of soap touches certain parts of your body, you will love the two sided soap appropriately marked Butt and Face.

Portable iPhone Speaker
Perfect for turning your iPhone into a speakerphone. No external power needed. keep iPhone stands vertically and horizontally. Functions well in hand free mode.

His and Hers Human Key Holders
Never lose your keys again with these Human Key Holders mounted to the wall. These holders come in either His or Hers and with another key that's used to attach your house keys.

Gun Shaped Ice Cube Molds
Chill drinks while heating up the party with this creative ice-cube tray. Fitted with six handgun-shaped molds that result in intricately detailed gun-shaped ice cubes.

Checkers Shot Glass Set
Perfect for cocktail parties. Simple to play get jumped you drink, get crowned, drink twice. Set includes glass checker board with rubber feet, 13 clear and 13 frosted shot glasses.

Pen Cap Utensils
Ever found yourself sitting at your desk all set to eat lunch and realize you have no utensils to use? Meet pen cap dining utensils! Each one of these cool pens has a cap with a fork, spoon and knife. Set of 3 included.

Jigsaw Puzzle Cookie Cutters
Have fun with baking cookies with these jigsaw piece cookie cutters. Great for cutting cookie dough and small fruits.

Mini Erupting Volcano
One of the best ways to experience a volcano right in your own home or office. Watch the red lava beads flow endlessly down the volcano with its LED lighting effects.

Switch Blade Bottle Opener
Just like a switchblade knife, press the switch button and a bottle opener will pop out. The coolest way to open your beers.

Snow Cone Maker
Snow Cone Maker - The old-fashioned carnival snow cone maker quickly shaves mounds of snow to make your very own flavored snow cones. It also supplies ice for various drinks and desserts.

Din Din Fuk Chow Noodles
The makers of Ramen Noodles sure have a great sense of humor, nothing's better than a little fuk chow shrimp flavoured noodles! Also comes in Hello Lazy (Chicken) and Wasted and Broke (Beef) flavours!

Remote Control Tarantula
Freak out your friends with this realistic-looking remote-controlled tarantula. This creepy critter has light-up eyes and a furry texture. Tarantula scurries across any flat, smooth surface with spider-like leg movement.

Ultimate Tail Gater Drink Backpack
The ultimate tail gater accessory. The backpack beverage dispenser serves up shots, your favorite brew, or most delicious tailgate kool-aid in style and holds up to 210 ouces. Lightweight, nylon, padded shoulder straps, mesh bag for extra cups.

BBQ Pizza Stone
Now you can achieve professional BBQ Pizzas on a backyard grill with the pizza stone. Heat distributes evenly to a crisp crust and bubble cheese without burning and its nonstick.

$100 Bills Toilet Paper
The Money Toilet Roll is printed with exact copies of the US $100 dollar bills. Wipe your doo-doo on some dollars with the Money Toilet Roll. Who said throwing money down the toilet wasn't fun?

LED Bike Spoke Lights
Automatically shift through different LED patterns on your bike with this neon LED light. Activated by motion and will automatically change to different designs.

Zipper Face Costume
Add an utterly horrifying look to any zombie, ghost or monster costume with this bloody zipper costume makeup kit. This set includes a zipper, bloody scab makeup and applicators. Make your costume one that will live in peoples nightmares!

iPhone Projector
This pocket sized projector easily attaches to an iPhone, iPod, PSP, digital cameras and other mobile devices to create a full sized projector capable of displaying up to 60 inches of video.

Credit Card Knife and Toolkit
Just the size of a credit card, this is a multifunction tool card with a 2-inch serrated blade and folding scissors. Also comes with magnifying lens, compass, can/bottle opener, flat screwdriver, tweezers and toothpick.

The Hangover Cookbook
Everything you need to know to understand and improve a hangover is here. Recipes are tailored to each type of hangover, allowing the reader to find a recipe that precisely suits his state of mind.

Butter Slicer
The one-click butter cutter holds and slices butter into pats with just a squeeze. Easily loads a standard sized stick of butter then slices can be cut with the one-click butter cutter.

Skull Belt Flask
Keep your friends close, and your flask even closer with this 3oz stainless steel belt buckle flask with skull and crossbones. Features a clip-on buckle to secure and fits most 1-1/2" wide belts.

Fruit Juice Sprayer
This juicer is designed to spray juice directly from any citrus fruit. With only one finger you can now spray juice on your favorite foods evenly.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug
Perfect for the avid photographer, this coffee mug looks exactly like a real camera lens. Comes with a lens cover lid for keeping your beverages hot, as well stopping any unwanted dust particles.

No Blind Spot Review Mirror
This wideview panoramic rearview mirror eliminates dangerous blind spots, and attaches to your existing rearview mirror. Vibration free and shatterproof, this wideview mirror eliminates the dangers of blindspots while driving.

Hot Mess Soap
Hot Mess Soap. Helps you live on the edge. Without falling off. Triple milled, extra-fancy pure vegetable-based soap. Orchid scent. Also comes in Better than a Boyfriend, Chick Soap, Morning Sucks and Mood Swing scents.

Hands Free iPad Holder
Watch movies, read books or surf the web completely hands free with this iPad holder. The holder comes with adjustable height, 360-degree rotatable aluminum bracket and solid round base.

Ice Cream Machine
Easily make home-made ice cream, yogurt or sorbet. Simply pour in the ingredients and turn on the machine, makes ice cream in as little as 20 minutes, no chemicals, salt or ice required.

Three Player Chess Set
Take chess to the next level with the three player edition. Thwart attacks from multiple players in this new age version of the classic game. Easy to learn and guaranteed to bring in hours of fun.

Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks
Chopsticks come in green and red and can be interconnected. Each chopstick is 9" long, and comes with a translucent chopstick rest. Add color to your dinner table. Enjoy eating with your whole family.

Chain Wine Rack
Simply put a bottle through the loop and let the chrome plated steel chain do the rest. This bottle holder makes for a great display piece for your favorite bottles.

Donut Hole Maker
Now you can cook delicious donut holes and other pastries at home without even turning on an oven. Make jelly donuts, puff pancakes, mini cinnamon buns and more. Comes with injector to give your donuts a variety of fillings.

Caffeinated Soap Bars
Introducing Shower Shock, the world's first caffeinated soap. An all vegetable based glycerine soap that's scented with peppermint oil and infused with 200 milligrams of caffeine which is absorbed through the skin.

Keyboard Organizer
The worlds first and only functioning computer keyboard that opens for internal storage. Size and weight are similar to competitors models that do not have storage. Ideal for offices, home, college dorms, and anywhere that space is a premium. Includes areas for pens, business cards, DVDs and more.

Electronics Cleaning Putty
This putty is designed to grab dirt and dust and can be used in the keyboards, mouse, speakers, usb ports, camera, cell phone, calculators, iPod, printers, computers and much more.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table
Once a fixture in a Tennessee distillery now an extraordinary furniture piece for your home. This repurposed Whiskey barrel features pine tabletop and base hand-stained for rustic charm.

Beer Flip Flops
These novelty sandals will have any beer lover sporting their love of beer. Available in Beer, cheese or cow print.

PoolPod Wireless Speakers
This wireless speaker allows you to enjoy your music while relaxing in a hot tub, pool or any other water environment. The transmitter delivers a powerful signal through walls and plugs in your iPod, computer, stereo, or MP3 player.

Beach Chair with Attached Umbrella
Integrated into the beach chair comes a full sized umbrella spanning four feet wide, and swivels 360 for perfect positioning! Chair includes cup holder, zippered pouch and folds down for easy transportation.

Ostrich Pillow
Whether its lying on the table, sitting in the office, at the airport, or on the train, the ostrich pillow makes sleeping in awkward places easy.